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Eight bags of maintenance knowledge:

1, keep dry and store in a cool place.
2, avoid exposure, fire roast, washed, sharp objects impact and contact with chemical solvents.
3, handbags without any water treatment procedures, wet handbags, please use a soft cloth wipe dry, to prevent the stain or watermark leaving the surface wrinkles. If used in rain, should pay special attention.
4, should not just use shoe polish.

Eight bags of maintenance knowledge

5, sanding skin should avoid wet water, should be raw rubber and special cleaning supplies care, should not use shoe polish.
6, should be careful to protect all metal parts, humid and high salt environment will cause oxidation. Save the leather purse
7. leather bag when not in the best place on the cotton cloth to save, do not put in plastic bags, because the plastic bag is not the air flow, will make the leather too dry and damaged. The bag is best stuffed with some soft toilet paper to keep the shape of the bag. If there is no suitable bag, the old pillowcases are also very useful.
8. Bags and shoes, is another type of active substances, every day using the same bag, it is easy to cause the elasticity of the cortex, so like shoes, like several interactive use; bag if not wet , You can use a dry towel to dry the water, which then plug some newspapers, magazines and the like dry things, do not directly under the sun exposure, it will make your beloved bag fade, deformation and so on.

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