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Bag cleaning and maintenance tips:

1. In general, most of the cleaning bag first with a variety of different materials for cleaning brush or clean cotton cloth, the dust, dirty removed.

2. leather bag if you use a leather cleaner to wipe, avoid using shoe polish! Generally wiping glasses of the mirror is a cheap and easy to use good helper, will not scratch your beloved bag, even smear can make the bag to restore light. Bi Lizhu can do maintenance agent can also remove stains; olives Oil can also be used as a good choice for bag maintenance.

3. Leather bag is best used frequently, and commonly used fine flannel wipe. If you encounter rain damp or mildew, soft cloth can be used to wipe the water stains or mold point. But do not rub with water and gasoline, because the water can make the leather hardened, gasoline can make the leather oil volatile and dry. And bags without any water treatment procedures, so the bag wet, please immediately wipe with a soft cloth to prevent the stain or watermark leaving the surface wrinkles. If used in rain, should pay special attention.

4. Cloth luggage in the course of travel easy to set ash, so regular cleaning tools such as vacuum cleaners can not be used, but can not use the brush close to the cloth, so as not to stay in the cloth surface. If the fabric has a dirty point, you can first use the washing water to wash the towel and screw to a little wet, wipe dirty points, can be repeated several times until the clean, and then washed with water towel and twisted to the semi-dry Wipe clean, natural dry can.

5. Regardless of any kind of material package, after cleaning should be placed in the ventilated place dry, do not go for the sake of fast to take the sun, because after the water scrub the bag, it is the most vulnerable time, suddenly High temperature exposure, will lead to bag fade or leather harden, brittle.
6. Package hardware maintenance, should be used after the dry cloth to wipe. Such as micro-oxidation, you can try to flour or toothpaste gently rub the hardware can be.
Tips: the official use of any maintenance agent or detergent should be in front of the inconspicuous corner of the first try. There is a problem immediately stop, no problem and then a wide range of use.

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