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Bag of small carvings:

Understand the maintenance, but also to understand how to collect, in order to "long-term stability."

Bag of small carvings
In general, in the season or long-term use, must be collated before they can be collected, should first clean the bag and then placed in a cool place air-dried, coated with a layer of leather protective agent, and in order not to make the bag deformation Layer into the plain fabric to maintain the shape of the bag, paper filler can not be used for a long time to prevent dampness caused by pests, bags should be placed in the desiccant (moisture agent) to avoid damp. But avoid putting mothballs or other flavored things together.
     Some bags will be sold with a dust bag, when the package is set to protect the outside of the bag. Be sure to place the bag when placed, to prevent mutual staining and friction.
Storage is not buried, please come out regularly so that bags are breathable Oh (recommended once a quarter)

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